Take Control And Know Your Number

This is what we at Fynamics do best: working with busy, successful people like you to map out your financial lifestyle and understand how much is enough to realise your goals. That doesn’t mean more products, policies and wayward assumptions. Our focus is developing a concrete, well-calculated financial plan for your unique lifestyle and retirement. One that’s built around what it is you’re working for, the life you want to maintain and quantifying it as ‘your number’.

Know where you’re going and how to get there.

Lifestyle Financial Planning requires a bespoke, personal approach to managing your financial situation. To meet this need, Fynamics has developed a unique 3-step planning process that makes use of sophisticated financial software to plot your individual path forward.

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Retirement Planning

Pre-Retirement and Post-Retirement:

  • When should we retire?
  • Can we afford a holiday home?
  • Can we take our family on a trip?
  • What happens if one of us gets sick?

We can answer your questions!



What Our Clients Say

Fynamics worked with us to design and deliver an extremely worthwhile employee benefit. The workshops were very well attended and the feedback has been extremely positive; the focus on behaviour and habits was very insightful and thought provoking and also employing some very clever techniques to ensure we really make meaningful and long term changes. I highly recommend attending the subsequent 1 to 1 follow ups as it allows you to apply the workshop content to your own individual circumstances. They are a great team to work with and look forward to future endeavours with Fynamics.

Terminal Four

Deirdre O’Sullivan - HR Director

“Unlike previous experiences with other financial advisors, having Padraic oversee my business and personal portfolio has been a reassuring experience. You know that he always has his finger on the pulse and his regular updates and contact ensure that I am kept well informed on how things are going.”

IrishTourism.com Ltd

Ronan Gleeson - Owner

“I have had the pleasure of working, on and off, with Padraic for the last 16 years. In that time Padraic’s professional experience and capability has developed and he is a very able CFP with a client base that matches his ambition and professionalism.”

Owner at Spark

Justin Healy - Managing Director

“Padraic listened to Delcath’s requirements and provided a timely and cost effective solution. I have no hesitation in recommending Padraic to anyone looking to set up benefits packages for their companies.”

Experienced Chartered Accountant / Finance Director

Pat Rickard

“Fynamics is all about honesty and transparency – and it’s clear from the start that the client’s interests always come first.”

TaxAssist Accountants Limerick (Specialists in Small Business & Start-Ups)

Roy Finucane

“Padraic and his Fynamics team are pioneers! They are some of the very few financial advisers in Ireland who have seen the light and are leading the way in delivering ‘proper’ financial planning to clients.”

Inspiring Advisers Online

Paul Armson - Founder & CEO

“Fynamics has done a fantastic job for us in looking at the ‘whole picture’ and setting in place a very solid structure for the future. It simply wouldn’t have happened without their  guidance. The company’s support was pragmatic and no-nonsense – and was totally tailored for our own specific needs. Fynamics people are reliable and of great integrity – I can recommend them for corporate or personal/family financial advice.”

EME at Alere Inc.

Conor Cronin - Vice President, Marketing and Medical Affairs