Why Fynamics

Fynamics is an established, select financial consulting company – working with our clients to develop robust financial plans based on lifestyle needs and goals. Plans that are not based on selling products and policies, rather putting the individual’s ‘financial DNA’ , their goals and lifestyle at the heart of it – and mapping out a realistic journey forward .

Fynamics specialises in the design of bespoke lifestyle financial planning for executives and entrepreneurs who want to control and take ownership of their future and retirement.

The company was established in 2009, but the partners who lead the firm are long-established leaders in the financial consultancy arena. Financial professionals who have seen, time and again, the difference that real financial planning – based on lifestyle and goals – can make.

Padraic O'Connor, Director of Fynamics

Padraic O’Connor


Pádraic established Fynamics in 2009 and from the onset he set about challenging the status quo and questioning the existing financial advice model that focused on selling financial products to people that didn’t need them. Leaning heavily on best practice and well established methodologies for the US and the UK, complimented by extensive academic accreditations, Pádraic quickly developed a financial planning practice that places their clients at the very centre of their proposition. Fynamics today enjoys are very enviable position of only working with clients that are referred through existing clients and referrals from professional partners namely accounting and legal practices. Pádraic has a passion for the great outdoors from cycling, climbing and kayaking. Blessed with a patient and ever practical wife and two wonderful children they are never too far from their next adventure!

Oda O’Connor


Oda co-founded Fynamics with Pádraic and has pioneered our consistent drive to always keep our clients central to everything we have done. Oda has extensive experience in commercial and project management and has constructed our streamlined and inclusive client engagement journey. Our existing clients are our principle source of new clients and that is because we consistently do what we said we would. Oda is central to ensuring that Fynamics is always intune with the needs of our wonderful and loyal clients and proactively engages with them through a deliberate and constructive process. Oda is and avid reader and equally at home when in the great outdoors.

Oda O'Connor, Director of Fynamics
Margaret Kavanagh, Administration for Fynamics

Margaret Kavanagh


The bedrock of Fynamics with us since 2013 Mags co-ordinates all communications with the external providers. Her invaluable experience garnered from over 30 years in financial services allows Fynamics to efficiently cut through the clutter and excessive bureaucracy that is endemic within financial services. Her infectious enthusiasm and commitment to our clients wellbeing ensures smooth and enjoyable transition for our new clients. Mags enjoys to travel and is forever taking care of everyone!